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Ornament Creme Eggs are here

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

It’s true, the fabulous ornament creme egg of last year is back, and I just picked up a bundle of them for only 39 cents an egg at Walgreens (they were marked at 2/$1), so now my head is floating and my muscles are twitching from all the cremey goodness.

If you only know about the regular, easter-timeĀ Cadbury creme egg, never fear, these are 100% the same as the easter eggs — still laid by a bunny in the 1.2-oz. size that Cadbury moved to a couple of years ago, only with a red wrapper instead of the regular one. They aren’t supposed to hang on your tree or any nonsense like that. more …

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FCC opens up spectrum for public use

We all won a huge victory yesterday when the FCC allocated a huge swath of radio spectrum for public use, which means that after analog TV goes away, any company or hobbyist will be able to use these frequencies. It’s a much wider range of spectrum than what’s available for public use today (the narrow frequencies things like your cordless phone and 802.11 wifi use), so a whole new class of high-bandwidth applications is going to become possible.

What does that mean exactly? Well, the most awesome part is that we don’t even know yet. But don’t be surprised to see, say, 1-gigabit wifi that makes 802.11 look like dial-up or wireless HDMI so that the video game or Hulu video you were about to see on your laptop screen shows up on your flat screen TV, too. Imagine the data connection and streaming video on your mobile phone 100 times faster, and imagine not having to go through one of the big 4 wireless carriers to get it! more …

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Minify for WordPress and WP Super Cache

I’ve integrated Minify and all its bandwidth-saving goodness into WP Super Cache, everyone’s favorite way of sending WordPress pages as super-fast static HTML, thereby saving visitors having to hit up the PHP interpreter (ugh!) or WordPress itself (double ugh!).

What does this mean? Well, it means your HTML (and gzipped HTML) pages can be 5-20% smaller with just a few minutes’ setup. If that sounds good, skip to the install instructions. If you want to hear more blabber first, read on. more …

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Gzip compression levels for static-cached HTML

I was reading through the source of WP Super Cache recently, and noticed that it was using a gzip compression level of “1” (the lowest) to compress its static-cached HTML pages. Level 1? Why not 3 or 6 (the default) or 9?

These pages are compressed and saved once on the server, and then sent many times to user’s browsers. So, what compression level makes the most sense for pre-compressed HTML? more …

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