Ornament Creme Eggs are here

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

It’s true, the fabulous ornament creme egg of last year is back, and I just picked up a bundle of them for only 39 cents an egg at Walgreens (they were marked at 2/$1), so now my head is floating and my muscles are twitching from all the cremey goodness.

If you only know about the regular, easter-timeĀ Cadbury creme egg, never fear, these are 100% the same as the easter eggs — still laid by a bunny in the 1.2-oz. size that Cadbury moved to a couple of years ago, only with a red wrapper instead of the regular one. They aren’t supposed to hang on your tree or any nonsense like that.

I do miss the old, slightly larger size, but you have to figure that the smaller ones are easier on that bunny. And there are plenty of places like Powell’s that import the original-size eggs from the UK and stock them year-round, a valuable service for aspiring diabetics like me, because no matter how many cases of eggs I have stashed in the freezer at easter, I will nom them all by summer.

You know it is only a matter of time before Santa realizes the jig is up, and his lousy presents have been bested by a superior product, the creme egg. He will hand over the sleigh’s reins to the Cadbury xmas bunny, and then Cadbury can turn its attention to taking over some other secondary holiday, like Halloween or Bastille Day.

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