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Update to HTML Minify for WordPress and WP Super Cache

No big news here, but I’ve got an updated patch if you want to use my mod to add Minify to WordPress and WP Super Cache. For more information, check out my original explanation and instructions post, which I’ve updated with links to the new files. more …

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Review/first impressions of Poker Copilot software for Mac OS X

I’m not an expert poker player, haven’t used a lot of other poker tracking software, and have only been using Poker Copilot for a week, so I’m not going to do an exhaustive review, just share some first thoughts. (If you are an expert, please chime in!)

Poker Copilot is currently the only actively developed poker software for Mac OS X folks like me, since Mac Poker Pro is apparent abandonware and Poker Tracker’s Mac port has been repeatedly postponed. Given that, I can say first of all, without hesitation, that Copilot is absolutely worth a look if you’re on a Mac and not using any analysis software at all (it’s a snap to download and install, and you can use it for 30 days without registering). more …

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How to losslessly concatenate / merge MP3 files

You’d think it would be very easy to combine multiple MP3 files into one, while preserving all the ID3 tag metadata and without re-encoding the audio (which is lossy). Well, it actually isn’t that hard at all, but since Google couldn’t find the answer for me, I thought I’d write it up. more …

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How to transfer domains away from GoDaddy

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, a day I particularly enjoy transferring domain names out of GoDaddy, the registrar that once tempted me with low prices but now mostly just annoys me. Here’s how to move your domains to a new registrar quickly, easily and without fouling anything up (you don’t want your website to disappear!) in the process. more …

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Lyncd is an evolving group blog-in-progress. Weʼll be designing the site, adding users and content, and developing a hifalutin site focus as we go. For now, just think of our site mantra as “minimalism.” :)