Logout Clear Cookies for WordPress

Available immediately is a new super-simple WordPress plugin, Logout Clear Cookies, which does just what it’s name says — when you log out of your WordPress site, it will clear all the cookies that WordPress has set in your browser. Because leaving a trail of cookies behind you is bad!

The plugin is actually just one line of code (more or less), so it’s super easy to install and use (and to uninstall). There aren’t any options or configuration screens. I’ve been running it for the past couple of years without any problems, so you shouldn’t have any, either. But if you do, just let me know!

If you’re still wondering, why would I want this? Well, do you like it when you visit a website that sets cookies in your browser, but never clears them when you log out? If that’s not enough of an explanation, please see the plugin page.

The plugin is hosted on, so please go there to download the plugin or submit any support requests.

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  • I installed the plugin as I was having a challenge with ensuring that the login details from a previous user would be cleared upon logout. I think my challenge is related to the fact that I am using social media logins (specifically from Super Socializer). After a user logs out with the Logout Clear Cookies plugin installed. I am able to logged right back in using the previous users login by clicking the social media login button again. I was holing the logout clear cookies plugin would rid the browser session of all cookies related to logging in.

    • Right, what the plugin does is clear all cookies that have been set by WordPress, or any other application running on your server’s domain. It just clears them all!

      What it can’t do is reach through and operate the end user’s browser to clear third-party cookies (log them out of their Google account etc.) — that is prohibited by the browser’s security model, and would be a security vulnerability if a browser were to allow it.

      If you wanted to disable user access via federated login (social media, OAuth, OpenID Connect etc.), that sounds like an identity/access management problem to address with WordPress/Super Socializer on the server side, it’s nothing to do with cookies.

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