One-liner to clean DNF package cache but keep latest version of each package

If you’re running Fedora or Red Hat and have turned on the DNF package cache, eventually you’ll start using gigabytes of disk space. Simply running dnf clean packages will erase everything in the package cache.

But what if you want to preserve the latest version of each package and just delete the outdated versions? For example, to keep a local cache of the latest version of each package you’ve installed, and so that DRPM will still work on your next dnf upgrade. more …

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Review/first impressions of Poker Copilot software for Mac OS X

I’m not an expert poker player, haven’t used a lot of other poker tracking software, and have only been using Poker Copilot for a week, so I’m not going to do an exhaustive review, just share some first thoughts. (If you are an expert, please chime in!)

Poker Copilot is currently the only actively developed poker software for Mac OS X folks like me, since Mac Poker Pro is apparent abandonware and Poker Tracker’s Mac port has been repeatedly postponed. Given that, I can say first of all, without hesitation, that Copilot is absolutely worth a look if you’re on a Mac and not using any analysis software at all (it’s a snap to download and install, and you can use it for 30 days without registering). more …

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Ornament Creme Eggs are here

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

Cadbury Ornament Creme Eggs on the shelf at Walgreens

It’s true, the fabulous ornament creme egg of last year is back, and I just picked up a bundle of them for only 39 cents an egg at Walgreens (they were marked at 2/$1), so now my head is floating and my muscles are twitching from all the cremey goodness.

If you only know about the regular, easter-timeĀ Cadbury creme egg, never fear, these are 100% the same as the easter eggs — still laid by a bunny in the 1.2-oz. size that Cadbury moved to a couple of years ago, only with a red wrapper instead of the regular one. They aren’t supposed to hang on your tree or any nonsense like that. more …

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