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Logout Clear Cookies for WordPress

Available immediately is a new super-simple WordPress plugin, Logout Clear Cookies, which does just what it’s name says — when you log out of your WordPress site, it will clear all the cookies that WordPress has set in your browser. Because leaving a trail of cookies behind you is bad! more …

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The real scoop on WordPress ‘Connections Information’ request for FTP info

The last few versions of WordPress have had a feature that lets you install or upgrade a plugin directly through the WordPress GUI. There’s just a small problem — for many people, the process fails and, instead of explaining the issue, WordPress redirects to an inscrutable “Connections Information” screen requesting FTP server credentials. Which, for people like me who don’t use FTP, is kind of a dead end.

I deploy all my code through a VCS, so it wasn’t until I started testing activation/deactivation/uninstall hooks for a plugin that I ran into the problem. Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is that, while the workaround is just a one-liner, unfortunately, most of the “solutions” I found on the web were wrong or at best incomplete. Also, I think what WordPress is doing here could use improvement. more …

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Get it while it’s hot: User Spam Remover for WordPress

I’m releasing a WordPress plugin that I wrote to tackle the scourge of user registration spam — those annoying bots that linkspam the WordPress registration form.

If you need a way to silently and automatically delete these spam accounts, and block the new user notification e-mail that WordPress normally sends, check out User Spam Remover. more …

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HTML Minify for WordPress and WP Super Cache: Now a plugin!

It’s been a while, but I’ve updated my code that adds Minify to WP Super Cache, making everyone’s favorite WordPress caching plugin that much better.

What’s better is that my code now operates as a fully fledged plugin to Super Cache, so it’s now a drop-in install (no more patches!). Go to WPSCMin’s project page for all the info. more …

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Update to HTML Minify for WordPress and WP Super Cache

No big news here, but I’ve got an updated patch if you want to use my mod to add Minify to WordPress and WP Super Cache. For more information, check out my original explanation and instructions post, which I’ve updated with links to the new files. more …

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Minify for WordPress and WP Super Cache

I’ve integrated Minify and all its bandwidth-saving goodness into WP Super Cache, everyone’s favorite way of sending WordPress pages as super-fast static HTML, thereby saving visitors having to hit up the PHP interpreter (ugh!) or WordPress itself (double ugh!).

What does this mean? Well, it means your HTML (and gzipped HTML) pages can be 5-20% smaller with just a few minutes’ setup. If that sounds good, skip to the install instructions. If you want to hear more blabber first, read on. more …

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