WordPress projects

WordPress has always been an ugly ball of code, something I’ve both

  1. ripped apart to support 1000s of simultaneous users, sandboxed front and back-ends running on separate boxes, a front-end load-balanced Squid-accelerated cluster with LVS, and NDB clustered storage (bad idea)
  2. run on tiny blogs like this one

Right now, to do my part for bloggers everywhere, I’m maintaining three WordPress plugins:

User Spam Remover

A WordPress plugin that automatically removes spam user registrations and other old, never-used user accounts. It also blocks the notification e-mail that is normally sent to the administrator every time a new user registers, and logs this event instead. Includes full logging and backup of any data it deletes.

Logout Clear Cookies

Clears all cookies on logout (because leaving a trail of cookies is bad!). An extremely simple plugin that deletes all domain cookies whenever a user logs out of WordPress, and then redirects the user to the site homepage.

WPSCMin: HTML Minify for WP Super Cache

A plugin to a plugin, WPSCMin is a small plugin for the static-caching WordPress plugin WP Super Cache. It uses Minify to strip whitespace and comments from static-cached HTML, reducing pages 10-20% in size.